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NOW for Empowermentは、2009年3月3日設立の内閣府認証特定非営利活動(NPO)法人です。当団体はキャリアブレイク中の女性の社会復帰の支援を目的として開設された「日本女子大学リカレント教育課程」の受講生が中心となって設立し、「だれでも・いつでも社会参画に再チャレンジできる平等で豊かな社会の実現」を主な活動目的としています。






NOW for Empowerment is a nonprofit organization registered with the Cabinet Office of Japan. It was founded in March, 2009 by graduates and faculty of the Japan Women’s University Recurrent Education-Reemployment System. NOW for Empowerment aims to realize an equal and prosperous society in which people can pursue meaningful lifetime careers regardless of gender.

In Japan it is a social reality that many women leave their jobs within the first five years of employment for reasons such as child-rearing, their husband’s job relocation or a personal desire to change career paths. It is also true that re-employment at a position and pay-level on par with their former jobs is extremely difficult because of inflexible legal and social structures. In consequence, for a lot of women what was intended as a career break can often result in a broken career. This is a great loss not only for the individuals involved but for the economy in general, particularly in the context of Japan’s shrinking workforce. The problem is structural, requiring targeted legislative change, greater equal-opportunity initiatives from the business community, and perhaps most importantly a fundamental shift in the way we as a society think about reemployment. NOW for Empowerment works to promote such social changes while simultaneously providing immediate support for women trying to restart their careers today.

The Japan Women’s University Recurrent Education-Reemployment System has been helping women university graduates returning from a career break to acquire the advanced knowledge and practical skills needed to reenter the workforce on fair terms. Following the university’s founding principles―Conviction, Creativity and Cooperation―the members of NOW for Empowerment aim to extend this mission beyond the gates of the university through holding community educational sessions, introducing employment opportunities and building a support network for working women across Japan.